2013 – South Chilcotin Mountains Hike

2013 was a very busy work year for Manrico and he was only able to take a few days for summer vacation.  We made the most of it by doing a five day hike in British Columbia’s South Chilcotin Mountains Provincial Park.  This is about a five hour drive from Vancouver.  We went with our friends Doug, Irene, and Isabel.

We started at the Jewel Creek trail head and hiked a day and a half up the trail in the Gun Creek valley as far as Trigger Lake.  From there we took the Deer Pass trail and camped at treeline halfway to the pass.  We continued up the trail until about a kilometer before the pass.  We left the trail and followed the high ridge for two days to its far end hiking up Mt. Sheba along the way.  We dropped down to our last camp at Spruce Lake.  Then it was a day of trail walking back to the cars.

The weather forecast for the Vancouver area was for rain.  Fortunately the South Chilcotins are on the dry side of the coast mountains.  We only had one night of rain.

Following is a video and slideshow of the trip.  The video is a Google Earth tour of our route.

Now the slideshow. Press the white button on the top right to get a full screen view. Select the first photo and then click the arrows on either side of each picture to scroll through the set.