2016 – Dolomiti Alta Via 2+ Italy Hike

Our 19 day hike through the Italian Dolomiti mountains was particularly special for me (Manrico). This is because it ended very close to Valdagno, the town where I was born. It was also special because we traversed through places where my parents spent much time hiking, climbing, and skiing. This trip was planned to be in three segments:

  1. Starting at Bressanone-Brixen we hiked most of the Alta Via 2 route traversing the Dolomiti mountains from north to south. This section included a climb of the well known Via Ferrata Tridentina.
  2. We had intended to hike most of the Trans Lagorai Traverse. There are very few rifugi (mountain huts) on this traverse which meant we would have had to hike two 11+ hour days, not including breaks. We changed our minds about this and did two day trips instead.
  3. We traversed the Piccole Dolomiti, a smaller, lower subgroup of the Dolomiti mountains. This is where my parents mostly recreated.

Our friends Anna, Dennis, and Doug joined us for the hike. Once the hike was over Liz and I spent another 23 days in Italy. We visited with family in Valdagno, did a short trip to Tuscany, and ended our vacation with a week in Venice. The slideshow is about the hike, with a few tourist photos at the end.

Now the slideshow. Press the white button on the top right to get a full screen view. Select the first photo and then click the arrows on either side of each picture to scroll through the set.