2018 – Tour du Queyras France Hike

In 2018 our friend Doug, with whom we’ve done many trips, organized a hike in the Queyras region of the French Alps. The Queyras are located about halfway between Chamonix and Nice. The mountains are lower and less spectacular than the Chamonix-Zermatt area but are beautiful and rugged enough to make for an excellent hike.

The easiest way to get there seems to be to fly to Lyon or Grenoble and take the train to Mont Dauphin. From there we hiked 14 days on well maintained trails in a big figure 8 loop. (13 days of travel plus 1 day trip.) We averaged 15.0 kilometers and 1,221 meters of elevation gain/loss per travel day. These averages include several side trips to peaks and view points along the way.

There were four of us on the hike. Liz unfortunately was not able to come. Doug invited me (Manrico) and his friend Sheila who I didn’t know. Sheila invited her friend Jackie who neither Doug or I knew. Right from the start we were a compatible group and we all had a great time. Thanks Doug for organizing the trip!

Here is a Google Earth tour of our route. The route shown is the actual GPS track as recorded by Jackie.

Now the photos. Press the white button on the top right to get a full screen view.