2006 – Hiking in Iceland

Iceland has long been on our list of places to visit.  We finally went there in 2006 with our friends Irene and Doug.  The first part of the trip was four days of hiking in the remote Hornstrandir area in the northwest corner of the island.  This included a very scenic drive from Reykjavik through the West Fjords area to Isafjordur.  From there it was about a three hour boat ride to our base camp in Hornvik Bay.

After a day of sightseeing near Reykjavik we went on a six day hike in south-central Iceland.  This was on the most popular trail in Iceland: Skogar to Landmannalaugar.

Iceland was a lot of fun.  It’s arctic-like but quite different from the arctic areas of North America.  In some ways it is similar to Hawaii; both of them are made entirely of volcanoes and lava flows.  Different climates however!  Iceland may not be as warm as Hawaii but its climate does not live up to its name.  Despite the fact that Iceland is just south of the Arctic Circle, its climate is similar Vancouver’s.

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