2011 – Spearhead Range Ski Traverse

Dan, Marilyn, Ilze, and the two of us did a backcountry ski traverse at Whistler BC over the Easter weekend in April 2011.  We started by taking the ski lifts up Blackcomb Mountain.  We then traversed through the Spearhead Range to the headwaters of Fitzsimmons Creek.  From there we skied over the “Musical Bumps” to Whistler Mountain.

The Spearhead Traverse is a very popular trip that is normally done in three days although many people do it in a long day in good conditions.  There are no huts on the route so participants have to bring tents.  Liz is actively involved in a project to build a series of huts along the traverse.  Visit the Spearhead Huts Project website for more information.

We took four days to do the trip.  This allowed time for Dan and Ilze do some yo-yo skiing on the north facing slopes which still had powder snow.  It also gave enough time for Liz and Manrico to check out potential hut sites along the route.

Following is a video and a slideshow of the trip. You can see the video in full screen view and higher resolution by pressing the buttons on the lower right.

Now the slideshow. Press the white button on the top right to get a full screen view. Select the first photo and then click the arrows on either side of each picture to scroll through the set.