2015 – Tour de la Vanoise France Hike

In spring 2015 our friend Doug, with whom we’ve done many trips since 1996, suggested something completely different for that summer’s trip. Doug suggested we do a hut-to-hut trip in the Vanoise area of France. This would be our first long trip which didn’t include camping.

We said yes and Doug was able to quickly organize the whole hiking part. The 13 day hike started and ended in Modane, in the southwest Alps. The route was a big figure 8 with Val d’Isère at the far end. Doug returned home right after the hike. The two of us then spent a pleasant week being tourists in Paris.

Thanks Doug for organizing a great trip! This was the first of what will undoubtedly be more hut-to-hut trips.

You can see a six minute Google Earth tour of our route here.

Now the slideshow. Press the white button on the top right to get a full screen view. Select the first photo and then click the arrows on either side of each picture to scroll through the set.